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wind and seismic compliant rooftop pipe supports with stanchion attachment to structure

Protect your rooftop MEP non-structural systems from wind loading and earthquakes by using code-compliant wind and seismic products from MIRO (engineering design, calculation package and P.E. stamp provided by MIRO Industries).

Engineering provided by MIRO

Some projects require engineered solutions. MIRO’s team of in-house engineers can provide a job-specific plan for your project. They are experts in assessing your job requirements and finding the best and most cost-effective ways to meet those requirements. MIRO’s ability to design, engineer, and execute intricate projects has made us the go-to leader in the rooftop support industry

MIRO Wind & Seismic Products

Every MIRO product is available in a wind & seismic compliant variant. These include: Pipe Supports, Duct Supports, Mechanical Equipment Supports, Crossover Stairs, Service Platforms, and Ramps.

Stanchion Base

Stanchion rooftop anchor for wind and seismic

Enclosed Duct Support

Enclosed duct support for rooftop wind and seismic

Pipe Supports

Rooftop pipe support with wind and seismic stanchion base

Tie Down

HD Mechanical Unit

HD condenser mechanical unit rooftop support

Bridge Crossover

Rooftop bridge crossover with wind and seismic stanchions
NOA Miami Dade Condenser Unit Stand for roofs and rooftops

Mechanical Equipment Stand (Miami-Dade Approved)

This MIRO condenser stand is designed to support rooftop condensers and other mechanical units. The bases can be attached to the structure to prevent wind & seismic damage to the equipment.

This stand is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved. NOA #21-0830.02

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To obtain pricing for the Wind and Seismic supports, have the following information available:

  • Pipe or duct layout
  • Type of pipe or duct
  • Size of pipe or duct
  • Insulation thickness
  • Pipe content
  • Center line distance between adjacent pipes or ducts
  • Clearance height above roof
  • Project specific wind/seismic support design requirements
Download Engineering Punchlist

Contact us and we will guide you through the process: 801.975.9993

Additional Downloads

Stanchioned Duct Support

Spec and Drawing Sheets (pdf)
Drawing (DWG)

Stanchioned Pipe Support

Spec and Drawing Sheets (pdf)
Drawing (DWG)

Stanchioned Mechanical Support

Spec and Drawing Sheets (pdf)
Drawing (DWG)

Single Pipe Stanchion Support

Spec and Drawing Sheets (pdf)
Drawing (DWG)