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Built to offer safe and cost-effective access to facilities and equipment, Surefoot Access products are custom designed to meet your site requirements and OSHA standards. They are shipped partially assembled and are ready for easy on-site installation.

  • Bridge crossovers are custom-built roof stairs that span across pipes, ducts, expansion joints, elevation changes and other obstructions.
  • Our rooftop ramps provide solutions for wheeled access to areas previously blocked by rooftop pipes, structural gaps, or minor elevation changes, allowing heavy items to be rolled in or out for placement or service.
  • Rooftop service platforms offer secure, elevated access to equipment in almost any setting.

The molded UV-stable polycarbonate bases effectively distribute loading to prevent damage to the roof, and will not crumble or crack over time like rubber or polypropylene. Slip-resistant bar grating or interlock planking is used on all walking surfaces to ensure solid footing and minimize snow and ice accumulation.