Mechanical Equipment Stand (Miami-Dade Approved)

This MIRO condenser stand is designed to support rooftop condensers and other mechanical units. The bases can be attached to the structure to prevent wind & seismic damage to the equipment.

This stand is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved. NOA #21-0830.02



  • Protects rooftop condenser units from wind & seismic loading.
  • Is adjustable and easy to install.
  • All metal parts are either stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized, or pre-galvanized.

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MIRO Industries, Inc.
Mechanical Equipment Stand
NOA No. 21-0830.02
Miami-Dade County, Florida
Expires: December 2, 2026.



Mini Split Rail Support

NOA and Spec Sheets (PDF)