About Us

The MIRO Story

MIRO's story dates all the way back to 1982. A young attorney named Michael Neider had a client who was unable to pay his legal fees, but who did own a patent for a mold which could be used to make a small plastic rooftop pipe support. Since Micheal's client was unable to pay his fees with money, he instead offered Micheal full ownership of the mold and the patent in exchange for the legal services he had provided. That mold became the first MIRO support, which nowadays is known as the Model 1.5.

With the patent and mold in hand, Micheal and his wife and partner Rosie started formulating a plan for their new business venture. The first step was giving their new company a name. They ultimately decided to combine their first names, Micheal and Rosie, and thus the name MIRO was born.

With no experience in the rooftop industry, Micheal and Rosie jumped on a plane and attended their first trade show, determined to make something out of this new pipe support. At the time, many contractors were using wood blocking, as it was really the only cost-effective option, even though its long-term effectiveness was (and still is, for those that use it today) very poor. Micheal and Rosie met a man at the show named Bill Dunne Sr., and his son, Bill Dunne Jr., who liked their new product offering enough to buy 16 cases, which was MIRO's first official order, and was enough to propel the company forward.

As MIRO grew, it became increasingly difficult for Micheal to manage, as during this time he continued to work in his law office. Eventually he turned the management of the business over to his daughter Nicole to assist her with paying college tuition and living expenses. Nicole hired on her new husband Nate to assist her with managing and growing MIRO. For several years the two of them worked together to fulfill and ship orders out of their garage, until eventually the business was large enough to move to a warehouse location in Salt Lake City, Utah.