duct supports

Rooftop frame supports for ducts and pipes

Duct & Frame Supports

MIRO Industries frame supports are a simple and long-lasting solution for supporting rooftop ductwork, pipes, RTU units, condensers, or cable tray systems. They are available in multiple configurations for side-by-side duct, stacked duct, enclosed duct supports, and more.

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SFS (Small Frame Support)

Part # A B
4DSA2424 10-24" 8-24"
  • Adjustable height and width.
  • Ideal for small duct jobs.

LFS (Light Frame Support)

Light Frame Support for ducts, MIRO
Part # A B
LFS3030 12-30" 12-24"
LFS3640 12-36" 12-40"
  • Adjustable height and width.

FS (Frame Support)

Rooftop Frame Support for ducts and pipes, MIRO
Part # A B
FS4048 18-40" 12-36"
FS4848 18-48" 12-36"
FS6048 18-60" 12-36"
  • Adjustable height and width.
Duct Support Frames

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Our team can provide layout, design, consultation, engineering, or physical roof take-off for any rooftop support project you have.

Single Tier

8DS Frame for Duct Support


Enclosed Duct Frame Support

Multi Tier

Multi Tier Duct Support Frame

3rd Leg

Third Leg Duct Support Frame


Stanchion rooftop anchor for wind and seismic

Connect any MIRO frame to the building structure (for wind and seismic compliance) with our stanchion.

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