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MIRO rooftop duct supports

Duct & Frame Supports

MIRO Industries frame supports are a simple and long-lasting solution for supporting rooftop ductwork, pipes, RTU units, condensers, or cable tray systems. They are available in multiple configurations for side-by-side duct, stacked duct, enclosed duct supports, and more.

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MIRO 6-DS Rooftop Duct Support


MIRO 8-DS Rooftop Duct Support


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MIRO 10-DS Rooftop Duct Support


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MIRO rooftop duct support frames

If the above options don’t fit your job requirements, no problem. Call us at 1-800-768-6978 and we’ll provide you a job-specific solution.

Our team can provide layout, design, consultation, engineering, or physical roof take-off for any rooftop support project you have.

Single Tier

8DS Frame for Duct Support

3rd Leg

Third Leg Duct Support Frame


Enclosed Duct Frame Support


MIRO can provide a wind and seismic compliant solution for any of our MIRO duct and frame supports.

Multi Tier

Multi Tier Duct Support Frame

Contact us for job-specific solutions.