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MIRO Crossovers are a fully OSHA-compliant solution to making rooftop access easy and safe, spanning across pipes, ducts, expansion joints, elevation changes, and more. They are job-specific and can be custom built to any width, length, or height that your project requires. All MIRO crossovers meet OSHA 1910 Subpart D and ship partially assembled for easy on-site installation. For pricing, please fill out a quote template and submit it to your local Sales Representative. You will need the following information:

  1. Width and length (of platform) desired
  2. Height of platform (clearance)
  3. Specify if railing is needed (required above certain heights)

For crossover applications requiring high wind & seismic design, please visit our Wind & Seismic section.

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Base Material
Polycarbonate is standard. Stainless steel is also available.
Deck bases are typically 16" x 18". Length, height, and width determined by project requirements.
Max Load Weight
All access or service systems are designed to meet loading criteria per ASCE7-10 or OSHA regulations.