Standard Crossovers (J-Stringer)

The MIRO J-Stringer’s patent pending design is unlike anything else on the market, which provides a number of benefits for you, including:

  • Shorter lead times. J-Stringer Crossovers are an off-the-shelf stock item that do not require long lead times for customization.
  • Easy to assemble. Factory assembly is offered, but the J-Stringer Crossover is simple enough to be assembled on site. Shipping unassembled may save freight costs.
  • Modular configuration. The patent-pending, self repeating J-Stringer part allows for various configurations to fit your project needs.
  • Ships in smaller container. Every crossover between 1-step and 4-steps will fit on a standard pallet.
  • Tighter Footprint. The bases on a J-Stringer Crossover don’t stick out like other crossovers, which means a smaller footprint and lower trip hazard.

J-Stringer Crossover Kits are a selection of pre-designed crossovers that are easy to order, easy to assemble, and that accommodate a large majority of situations where a crossover stair system is needed. They are available in fifteen standard sizes. For additional options please see our Custom Crossovers.

For crossover applications requiring high wind & seismic design, please visit our Wind & Seismic section.

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Base Material
Polycarbonate is standard. Stainless steel is also available.
Deck bases are 16" x 18". Platform lengths are available in 12" increments from 48" to 72" long.
12-48" height clearance, 75-190" overall length. See spec sheet for further details.
Riser Height
Max Load Weight
All access or service systems are designed to meet loading criteria per ASCE7-10 or OSHA regulations.