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To My Friends and Associates,

Most of you know of my complete dedication to Nicole and our six children, as well as my commitment to my Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Over the years,  I have tried to establish a balance between this and my full commitment to MIRO and Rooftop Anchor, all of which has been extremely rewarding to me, personally, and to my family as well.  

Several months ago, Nicole and I were asked to meet with the Prophet and President of our church, at which time he invited us to serve as a Mission President and companion in Seoul, South Korea (see definition below).  My wife and I made several commitments to our Father in Heaven when we were baptized – keep the commandments, follow the Savior in every way, and build the Kingdom of God here on the earth.  We take these commitments very serious, therefore, when we were asked to serve, the answer was YES! 

Over 25 years ago I served for 2 years as a young missionary in Seoul, at which time I learned to love the culture, language, food, and especially the people.  I am excited to go back to the land where I really developed a love for Jesus Christ and a sure testimony of His plan of Salvation.

We will serve for a period of three years, full-time. The three youngest of our children will be going with us, Ted (14), Kate (10), and Brigham (3).  Our three older children will all be attending universities in Utah.  I will not be working at MIRO and RTA during this period, but plan to rejoin the team upon my return in 2022. I will begin my Mission service at the end of June 2019.

I have finalized the new management team including who will handle my duties. I will follow up with a new organizational chart that will define the new positions and their responsibilities. I can assure you that both companies will be in good hands with a bright future. Nothing will change in terms of goals, objectives, or sales structure.   Without a doubt we have the most talented and capable leaders to take both companies forward to higher ground. 

This might be hard for some of you to understand the “why” or “how” of it.  I have asked myself the same questions, but Nicole and I firmly believe that not only will our family be blessed, but our business’s will be blessed as well.  I appreciate your continued dedication and support of our companies and all you do to promote the best people and products in the industry.  

For those interested, we will have a blog or group email set up during our time in Korea that will periodically post about our experience.  Let us know if you’re interested. 

I have been blessed throughout my entire life. My dreams and aspirations have been fulfilled to the fullest in every facet of it.  So many of you have had such a positive influence on me and our entire organization, I thank you and value your friendship in every way. The future is bright, it is full of potential and open opportunities to do and create so much good in the world.  

May each of you be blessed in your endeavors and may you find continued joy and happiness.

Your friend,
Nate Sargent        

MIRO Industries