The 6-H support is a flexible and adjustable custom pipe support with several different configurations to fit your need. All 6-H designs allow for expansion and contraction of the pipe, absorbing the movement rather than transferring it to the roof surface, which can potentially cause damage. The standard 6-H support uses a clevis hanger, but can be configured with a roller chair or a roller hanger as well. All configurations can easily be adjusted up or down on site. Stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized bases are available. For pricing, please fill out a quote template and submit it to your local Sales Representative. You will need the following information:

  1. Size of pipe
  2. Type of pipe
  3. Pipe Contents
  4. Pipe insulation size (if any)
  5. Center line distance (if two or more adjacent pipes are to be supported)
  6. Clearance height above roof

For pipe support applications requiring high wind & seismic design, please visit our Wind & Seismic section.

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Base Material
Polycarbonate is standard. Stainless steel is also available.
The deck base is 9" x 15.25"
Max Pipe Clearance
Max pipe clearance depends on project requirements. Typical 6-H supports do not exceed 36" above roof. For higher clearance see 8-H
Max Load Weight
Maximum loading from any MIRO base to the finished roof surface is not to exceed 3.0 psi unless specifically allowed otherwise in project specifications.
Manufacturer’s recommended spacing is not to exceed 10 foot centers depending upon the load.



Clevis Hanger

Spec and Drawing Sheets (PDF)

Drawing (DWG)

Roller Chair

Spec and Drawing Sheets (PDF)

Drawing (DWG)

Roller Hanger

Spec and Drawing Sheets (PDF)

Drawing (DWG)

Stainless Steel and Hot-Dipped Galvanized Base

Spec and Drawing Sheets (PDF)

Drawing (DWG)

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