3-R Spacer

The Model 3-R Spacer is 7.5″ square and the base is gently rounded to prevent gouging the roof. The outer edges are raised 2″ and increased elevations may be achieved by stacking Model 3-R-2 or 3-R-4 on 1 or 2 spacers, each with a height of 2″. Four drainage ports are provided to prevent ponding within the device. The dimensional area resting on the roof is 7.5″ square and 52.56 square inches are in contact with the roof.

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Base Material
The deck base is 7.5" square. The top of the spacer is 2" high.
Max Pipe Clearance
Pipes supported one pipestand high will have a clearance of 2" over the roof, with each spacer increasing the clearance by an additional 2".
Max Load Weight
Maximum load weight may not exceed 118 lbs. per pipestand, based on 3 psi to the roof membrane.
Manufacturer's recommended spacing is not to exceed 10 feet centers depending upon the load. Make certain each pipestand is properly elevated to even load weight at all pipestands.


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