Engineering Presentations

Available Presentations

MIRO Industries’ Engineering Manager Luis Capunay is available to provide free live webinar presentations to your group at no charge.

Available presentations include:
  • Engineering presentation for CEU credit
  • AIA credit course (1 HSW, 1 LU)
  • MIRO products presentation
  • Registered Roof Consultant course
Rooftop pipe supports with stanchion attachment for wind and seismic

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss who has an interest in the design and selection of rooftop equipment supports
  2. Identify common issues associated with rooftop equipment and supports
  3. Identify minimum code requirements for rooftop equipment supports per the International Building Codes and ASCE-7:
    1. Gravity Loading (Dead, Live and Snow)
    2. Lateral Loading (Wind and Seismic)
    3. Uplift Loading (Wind)
  4. Discuss how to handle rooftop supports as a Deferred Submittal or Delegated Design
  5. Examples projects


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