A frame used to support square or round duct work on flat roofs. The versatility of the design for this product enables vertically and horizontally adjustability to hold small duct and cable trays running along the roof for maximum efficiency and cost savings to customers, contractors and owners. The 4-DSA comes with (2) 8″x8″ polycarbonate bases, (3) 1-5/8″x7/8″ 12 ga slotted HDG strut members, and all required galvanized attachment hardware and brackets.

 Base Material: 



The deck base is 8″ x 8″ and has a maximum recommended adjustable height of 18″ and a maximum adjustable width of 14″.

 Max Duct Size: 

Recommended duct size not to exceed 14″ wide

 Max Duct Clearance: 

Adjustable height from 8″ to 18″.


Manufacturer’s recommended spacing is not to exceed 8 foot centers depending upon the load. Make certain each duct stand is properly elevated to even load weight at all duct stands.