Say Goodbye to Wood Block Pipe Supports!


It’s time for wood block pipe supports to go!

With all the modern technology in the pipe supports industry, a big problem still exists, WOOD BLOCKS! The ongoing use of wood blocking as a pipe stand is a short term solution with a high potential for damage to one of the most important areas of a building, the roofing membrane.

Old School Technology
The use of wood blocks as pipe supports have a long history dating back to the earliest days in modern construction. It was the obvious solution for many years and many reasons. Wood has a high load tolerance, cheap and very accessible. There are a couple major problems from using wood blocks for your pipe support system.

Wood Blocking Problems
Rooftops take a lot of abuse and are exposed to all the elements including wind, rain, hail, snow, sleet and severe temperature swings every day. Pipes located on the roof move while they expand and contract every day. Wood blocks do not accommodate for this type of movement. This causes wood blocks to “walk” under the load of piping. Such movement will can cause pipes to fall off the support or worse, the wood can act as an abrasive with sharp corners digging into the roof membrane.

Additionally, exposure to extreme temperature swings, moisture and an abundance of UV light, wood blocks are inevitably going to deteriorate and break down. When the wood ultimately fails the pipe will collapse onto the membrane. This will require replacement of the pipe supports and costly repairs to any rooftop damage including, punctures, tears and abrasion.

Overloading of wood blocking is also very common. Wood blocks can handle heavy loads, but the actual weight distributed to the rooftop in narrow area of contact can cause point loading damage resulting in penetrations, insulation and roof membrane tears.

The MIRO Solution
Prolonging the life span of a roof by using a proper pipe support structure is obvious when you consider the prohibitive cost of repairs in the future. Using engineered pipe supports to properly distribute weight for heavy loads will last for decades, save time at installation and prevent future roof damage.

MIRO Industries manufactures engineered pipe supports from a medical grade polycarbonate. This material has been field and laboratory tested to the extent that MIRO Industries offers a complete 20 year warranty. MIRO rooftop pipe supports are UV stable and can handle the exposure, temperature swings and extreme elements found on rooftops. Our supports are compatible with all conventional roof system membranes and have an optional rubber wear pad that creates an extra layer of vibration isolation.

MIRO provides solutions for supporting rooftop pipe and equipment including, conduit, HVAC duct, solar, mechanical units, bridge-crossover and walkway access. We offer support systems that are code compliant for any wind and seismic requirements that will prevent damage to the rooftop, maintain structural integrity and support any load.