Sales Reps Owners and Principals visit to MIRO

This past week, MIRO was pleased to host a large group of the owners and principals from our Sales Rep network. After a day of meetings and discussion about how we could grow and work together we gathered together on the second day for a round of golf and some time fishing on the Provo river.

Nate Sargent, President of MIRO, in an open letter to those that attended:
One of the high points of my positon at MIRO is the relationships I have with our Independent Reps throughout the country. What an absolute pleasure it was to host 19 Principals/Owners to our facility in Heber last week.  It was without question, one of the most productive meetings we have ever held at out facility.  With this caliber of individuals who are motivated, energetic, and driven all in one room…boy oh boy we were bound to have great feedback and items we could work on together.  Thank you so much for your honest and direct comments, compliments, and constructive criticisms.  This only helps us become better…and becoming is a descriptive that allows for ongoing change that presumably will be positive.

Some of the comments left from out attendees were equally positive:

“What a fantastic experience. Im so glad I went. I learned a great deal from all the Miro conversations, other reps and very much about the MIRO culture.”

“I did enjoy my time with you and the team of people who are MIRO. It was a very positive and worthwhile time spent with the group. I have a whole new appreciation for what MIRO does to support us in the field. I’m working with my guys to spend more time promoting the MIRO product line.”

“I had a great time at MIRO-U.  In all honesty, I wish more of my lines were like MIRO.  Great experience overall and I am excited to see what comes to fruition after our talks.”

Thanks to all that were in attendance. Hope to see you all in the near future.