Pre-Built Crossover Kits

To obtain pricing for a pre-built crossover kit, please contact your local MIRO Sales Rep.

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All crossover structures are designed to meet loading criteria for maintenance access per requirements found in the Adopted Local Building Code, IBC, ASCE 7 and OSHA 1910 Subpart D.


Pre-Built Crossover Kits
  1. Spec & Drawing Sheets (PDF)
  2. Drawings (DWG) – Coming soon!

The MIRO pre-built crossover kits are a quick and easy solution to many crossover needs. They are available in four different clearance heights, with the option of either a 4-foot (48″) platform or a 5-foot (60″) platform. Additional measurements and critical dimensions for each model are as follows:

Model Risers Clearance Height Platform Lengths Riser Height Inside Width Overall Length Overall Width
2-CO-48 2 per side 22″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 116.5″ 64″
3-CO-48 3 per side 31.5″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 140.5″ 64″
4-CO-48 4 per side 41″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 160.5″ 64″
5-CO-48 5 per side 50.5″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 187.5″ 64″

When ordering, the last number in the model name corresponds to the length of the platform (either 48″ or 60″). Therefore, when ordering a 4-step pre-built kit with a 60-inch platform, the model number would be 4-CO-60. The crossovers are shipped in several different sections and are straightforward to assemble on-site. All kits will ship with assembly instructions, and we will have a how-to video coming soon as well.

Custom sizes and layouts can be designed to meet your project requirements. See our custom crossover page HERE.