We’re in the News! KSL Features MIRO Industries in Recent Special

Construction in Heber Valley is booming, and Nate Sargent, CEO of MIRO Industries, is helping lead the way. Sargent was recently interviewed by KSL News for a piece on Heber City’s emergence as an idyllic place for families in the Wasatch Back, and in it, he explains why he took MIRO out of Salt Lake City and moved it to the Heber Valley.

“Heber is a fantastic place to raise a family, and that’s why I’m here,” Sargent told KSL News. His move – and the move of MIRO Industries – is part of an emergence of industry in the Heber Valley, all spurred on by the simple fact that it’s a wonderful place to live.

Finding Home in Heber Valley

One of the key initiatives taking place in Heber City is finding the balance between rapid growth and maintenance of the area’s hometown qualities. The unique charm of Heber Valley comes not just from its stunning location or its wealth of recreational activities – it comes from the people that live there.

Growing interest in the area has meant an influx of construction, but as KLS News reporter Alex Cabrero explains, “you can’t really blame people for wanting to live here.”

It’s not just people moving to Heber Valley – businesses are heading there, too. Seeing both the growth opportunities of the area and the community values and quality of life that make it such an enticing place to live, Sargent decided to relocate MIRO Industries there from Salt Lake City, where it had been headquartered since 1982. In Heber City, Sargent found a quieter home for his expanding business, and a wealth of opportunity in helping the area grow in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the things that make it special.

MIRO Industries is Committed to Hiring Locally

MIRO is a company with a “family-first” attitude, and this extends to their hiring process. As Sargent expands the business, he is taking special care to support the livelihood of those who reside in the Heber community. To do so, he has focused his efforts on hiring locally.

“We find some of those individuals that maybe don’t want to drive down to the valley anymore, [that] want to be able to work very closely,” Sargent said. “We can headhunt those individuals that want to stay local.” From salespeople to engineers to company representatives, Sargent remains committed to helping build prosperity and provide for families in the area.