Custom Design Products

MIRO Custom Jobs information requirements

When quoting custom products, the following questions need to be answered:

Pipe Custom Product
1. Quantity of supports required (total footage of pipe)
2. Type of pipe
3. Size of pipe
4. Pipe contents
5. Center line distance between adjacent pipes for multiple pipe supports
6. Clearance height above roof
7. Thickness of any insulation around pipe

Bridge Crossover, Walkway, Service Platform and Ramp Systems
1. Width and length desired
2. Height off roof
3. Specify if railing is needed
4. Specify type of roof

Duct and Cable Tray Custom Product
1. Dimensions of duct
2. Clearance height above roof
3. Total footage of duct
4. Insulation (If any)
5. Does duct need to be enclosed?

Mechanical Supports
1. Width and Length desired
2. Height off roof
3. Weight of unit

Seismic and Wind Supports
1. Pipe and/or Duct dimension
2. Insulation
3. Lineal feet of pipe and/or duct
4. Clearance height off roof
5. General Notes and Index Specification sheet