Conduit Supports

MIRO Industries, a leader in the rooftop support industry, provides a variety of solutions for supporting electrical conduit, and we back up all of our products with an industry-leading 20 year warranty. 

Rooftop Conduit Support


Our conduit supports are made of the most durable and proven materials to ensure longevity. The bases are a UV-resistant polycarbonate, proven not to dry out or crack in the sun or extreme cold, even over time. The rods are stainless steel, and the channel strut and hardware is all hot-dipped galvanized, to ensure that the metal can hold up to the elements and resist rust for years to come. 


We have a wide variety of support sizes to accommodate any rooftop conduit project. All Elevate Series supports are available in many different width and height configurations, and the threaded rod allows for additional on-site height adjustment that’s quick and easy. 

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