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MIRO Industries, Inc. and its founders and officers have accumulated years of experience in the roofing industry, including industrial and commercial roof inspection, analysis, and renovation design engineering. Their experience and expertise have caused MIRO Industries, Inc. to seek a solution to the common cause of roof failure and there is a solution.....

Day in and day out, the system of pipes and conduit on the roof of your building is in motion, expanding and contracting with the fluctuation in temperatures. The pipes, mounted on wooden blocks, move back and forth continuously-ripping holes in the roof membrane.

Gashes and cuts in the roof membrane cause leaks, damage, and ultimately the need for costly repairs. The wooden block method of installation could destroy a roof that is designed and warranted to last for many years resulting in great frustration and cost to the owner. In a short time such a roof could become very costly for upkeep and maintenance.

Problem Rooftop Problem
Rooftop Support Solution
MIRO Industries, Inc. produces various models of pipe and conduit Pillow Block Pipestands. The base of each pipestand is gently curved to prevent gouging and ripping the roof membrane. The pipestands are designed to absorb the friction from thermal expansion and contraction reducing the friction from pipe movement that normally damages the roof.
MIRO MODEL NAMES: Miro products are named for the largest pipe, measuring inside diameter, that will fit upon the pipe stand.

Mission Statement

To be the service and quality leader in design and fabrication of pre-manufactured rooftop supports, while offering superior performance and reliability at a competitive cost.

Description of Business

MIRO Industries, Inc., pre-manufactures solutions for supporting rooftop pipe, conduit, duct, cable trays, walkways, crossovers and mechanical units that prevent damage to the roof membrane and effectively support a variety of loads and sizes. Since 1982 we have been providing the mechanical, roofing, and electrical industry with durable non-penetrating pipe supports.

MIRO has been widely accepted throughout the construction industry as a preferred system to wood blocks or penetrating the roof membrane in order to support rooftop pipe and other mechanical units. We have continued to use polycarbonate plastic, hot-dip galvanized steel, and stainless steel, which have proven to withstand the hard elements and ever-changing weather found on rooftops. Our wide variety of supports provide our customers and specifiers with a quality product at a competitive cost. With the ability to do the initial take-off, design, layout, and final installation, no other manufacturer in our industry can offer our breadth of products and services.

MIRO's specifications can be found under Division 7 of Thermal Moisture and Protection, Division 22 of Plumbing, Division 23 of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and Division 26 of Electrical.

MIRO is currently recognized as the foremost authority in non-penetrating pipe support systems, and hope to continue our rapid growth into the 21st century.


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