Since 1982, MIRO industries has been a leader in the rooftop support industry. Our vast experience provides us with the capability to achieve a full spectrum of services for all types of pipe support industrial projects. As a single source consulting, engineering and manufacturing organization, we offer complete rooftop and grade level support systems.

Custom Pipe Support Systems

MIRO Engineers will work side by side with your team to develop custom plans that meet your customer’s needs. We have years of industry experience protecting rooftops and pipe structures. One of the most valuable assets to every building is the roof. Don’t let wood blocking or overloading penetrate the rooftop membrane on your next project. Make your rooftop OSHA certified with MIRO Industries. Whether it is your ramp, bridges, or crossovers, we follow OSHA standards.

MIRO Support

Our team of reps, inside sales team, and engineers will make sure that your support system is pre-planned, designed, stamped and installed. From start to completion, we go the extra mile to earn your confidence and meet your expectations. Each contract is looked at as a relationship building opportunity.

Durable Performance

MIRO can provide engineering and weight load calculations on all of our support systems. We are proud to be the only Rooftop Support Company in the industry that offers a 20 Year warranty. MIRO products are made in the USA and we are confident in our manufacturing process. We have a strong relationship with our suppliers, reps and distributors and stand behind our brand and products.