4 New Support Pads from MIRO


MIRO Industries has renovated our support pads and created 4 newly designed custom support pads are made to¬†specifically fit each of our non-penetrating rooftop supports, while protecting the rooftop envelope. The slip resistant pads are designed with a small lip that holds the support to the pad and reduces movement on the rooftop. The holes in the pads save weight and allow for venting and drainage. The pads are made from a heat mold process, using 100% recycled rubber. The new support pads come in 4 sizes, 7″x10″, 9″x15″, 16″x18″ and 19″x23″.

7x10 support pad dimensions9x15 support pad16x18 support pad19x23 support pad
7 9 16b 19b
7b 9b 16 19