MIRO Industries 20-Year Limited Warranty


When installed in accordance with MIRO Industries specifications instructions using only MIRO materials, MIRO will warrant its support systems for 20 years from the date of installation to operate properly and against damaging the roof membrane. Any modifications, substitution or use of other material other than MIRO products will void the warranty.

MIRO’s liability under this warranty and buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy will be to provide replacement product free of charge. MIRO’s total liability for sale of this product shall in no event exceed the original cost of the product. MIRO shall not be liable for costs of labor to install product.

LIMITATIONS: This warranty is not a maintenance agreement or an insurance policy, and does not obligate MIRO to repair leaks if determined to be a result of the following:

  • Building design, installation, or construction error.
  • Damage to the roofing system by any natural disaster including, but not limited to, floods, lightning, hail, earthquakes, hurricane rated winds, etc.
  • Structural movement below the roof membrane and flashings.
  • Misuse of roof services, abuse, vandalism, civil disobedience, acts of war, exposure to damaged chemicals including, but not limited to, solvents, oils and acids.
  • Failure of the owner to promptly notify MIRO in writing of the claim, which prevents reasonable inspection and verification, and the failure of written approval from MIRO for change in building usage, modification or additions of items to the existing roof.
  • Failure to properly inspect, adjust and maintain the supports and pads on an annual basis.

MIRO hereby disclaims and assumes no responsibility for incidental or consequential damage to the structure, its contents, loss of time, profits, energy or any inconvenience from any type of roof leak or damage.

Owner’s Responsibility

In the event of a damage or leak in the roofing system caused by MIRO pipe supports, the building owner must promptly notify MIRO in writing within ten (10) days after discovery of the leak or damage and no longer than one (1) year after the onset of actual damage. Regular maintenance is required to keep this warranty in full force and effective. (See MIRO Industries specification sheets.)

This warranty becomes effective only upon full payment to MIRO for all MIRO products and services, a complete installation and inspection of MIRO products, and MIRO’s authorized signature below.

Transfer of Warranty: This warranty may only be transferred by the building owner to a subsequent purchaser of the property by giving not less than ten (10) days written notice to MIRO of such transfer, MIRO has opportunity to inspect and recertify the roofing system, and respond to the building owner and the purchaser.

MIRO Industries, Inc.

Return Policy

(1) If a reasonable error in purchase designation has occurred by purchaser; (2) if MIRO products have not been used, damaged, or placed upon the roof, and (3) if such stock is marketable; purchaser may request such product be returned; but only if purchaser meets the above three requirements, pays all return shipping charges, and pays a 25% restocking return charge. Custom orders of specially manufactured items are not returnable. No returns are allowed at distributor discount sales, broken case quantity sales or without a return number.